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Paul Barham: Talks, Lectures and Publications

Delivered a lecture for students on "An Introduction to Popular Latin American Culture" course at Glasgow University (DACE) on the traditional rural and colonial architecture of Mexico and Guatemala.

Talk to Building Studies course at Glasgow University (DACE) on conservation and cost issues raised by stone repair techniques utilised at John Gilbert Architects' projects Saltoun Street and Townhead Spire.

Report for AESR (Architects and Engineers for Social Responsibility) on1995 Sustainable Development Conference run by SEAD (Scottish Education and Action for Development) and Friends of the Earth International.

Presentation to Construction Industry Environment Forum CIEF on practical issues affecting the delivery of sustainable housing innovation, with reference to site issues experienced at John Gilbert Architects' project at Leitch Street, Greenock.

RIAS (Royal Incorporation of Architects in scotland) talks on BREEAM Ecohomes Methodology for audiences in Edinburgh and Inverness.

Article for Reforesting Scotland on Sustainable Affordable Housing

Heaven on Earth: Contributor to event along with Dalziel and Scullion, Gokay Deveci and Scottish Natural Heritage organised by Artlink Edinburgh and the Lothians at Univerity of Dundee. Cross-disciplinary forum exploring the role of artists, designers and architects in shaping perceptions of our environment, and their interaction with the natural world.

Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA) - Why We Need Ecological Design - View from the Chair, Spring 2012

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Delivered seminar to DRS, Glasgow City Council on sustainable projects.

Delivered seminar to private developers on principles of Ecohomes and proposed changes to Building Standards in October 2010, in particular relating to airtightness and reduced carbon emissions.

Series of seminars delivered to housing association staff and developers on detailing for airtightness and increased energy efficiency, the effects of the 2010 Scottish Building Standards on specifications and their cost implications.

Presentation to the SFHA Forum on sustainability and energy performance of housing; the implications of the 2010 Scottish Building Standards and proposed Section 7 – Sustainability Labelling. This presentation was included in the SFHA Policy Digest

Presentation given to Contact, a professional business women's club, on sustainability and the work of an architect.

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